iWICReset Tool :: Troubleshooting

Three are some typically common trouble/questions from the WICReset/iWIC utilities which means this will become a troubleshooting guide about how to solve them.

Popular iWICReset Tool Troubleshooting

Question: I can’t get iWIC to run on my iMac

Answer: The iWIC utility usually requires an Intel based Mac system to work. It rarely works with iMac systems.

Question: I cannot run the utility on my Mac

Answer 1: The iWIC utility is Mac compatible but only works with Intel Based Mac OS version 10.6.7 or newer.

Answer 2: If you can’t use iWIC, then this page provides some realistic alternative options

Question: “App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”

Answer 1: Use the workaround described in this page

Answer 2: If you aren’t happy/willing to bypass security then this article provides some realistic alternative options

Question: The iWIC installs, runs and reads the waste ink counter but won’t reset it

Answer 1: In order to reset the printer the iWIC requires a key and before it completes the reset it will validate the key via the Internet.

Answer 2: If the utility is blocked by your Macs firewall it can’t communicate and fails the reset.

To resolve this, you need to add the iWIC to your allowed applications list for the firewall:

Firewall: Mac OS X includes a built-in firewall, which you can enable from this pane.

To turn the firewall off entirely, simply click the Stop button. Any Mac hooked up to a network or the Internet should have the system firewall turned on. (The only exception is if you’re using a network that you know to be secure and your access to the Internet is through a router or sharing device with its own built-in firewall.)

When the firewall is enabled, click the Advanced button to set firewall options.

To turn the firewall on with only Mac OS X application exclusions, click Block All Incoming Connections.

To turn the firewall on with exclusions, click Automatically Allow Signed Software to Receive Incoming Connections. (This is the correct option for just about every Mac owner.) Any connection to a service (such as Web Sharing) or an application (such as iChat) that isn’t listed is blocked, but you can enable access for third-party applications as needed.

To add a third-party application to the Allowed list, click the Advanced button at the bottom of the Firewall pane; then click the button with the plus sign. Navigate to the application that needs to communicate with the outside world. Click the application to select it and then click Add.

Answer 3: Try rebooting your Mac after installing the iWIC dmg application as this sometimes clears errors.

Question: Tried running the iWIC from the dmg file (without installing it as an application) and it won’t reset.

Answer: Please try installing the utility as an application and reboot your system. This seems to clear some issues with earlier MacOS systems.

Question: The power fails with mistake: “Internet connection lost. Try again later”

Answer 1: Please check the WICReset service position on the iWickey.com site (Buy menu). The service is sometimes unavailable credited to maintenance, etc..

Answer 2: Check any software, router or other firewalls aren’t blocking the energy from achieving the internet.

Answer 3: Upgrade your WICReset/iWIC version

Question: The utility does not see/list my printer

Answer 1: Try clicking the “Refresh detected printer list” button to scan for your printer

Answer 2: Make sure you connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable. It will not work over wireless or wired network connections.

Answer 3: Try a different USB Cable as sometimes you can get a faulty one.

Answer 4. Make sure your printer has been recognised by your computer and has installed the driver correctly.

Question: Error: “Invalid key, The input key was not found in the database …“

Answer 1: Input your key in CAPS as keys are case specific.

Answer 2: Make sure you are trying to use a WICReset/iWIC key, not the order/payment reference provided on your receipt.

Answer 3: Make sure you input the key without any spaces.

Question: I can check my printer waste counter but it won’t let me reset

Answer 1: WICReset requires an active Internet connection. Ensure you are connected and ensure WICReset is allowed through any firewall software.

Answer 2: You also need a valid key to be able to use the reset function.

Question: My printer is not listed as supported, how can I get it added?

Answer 1: Try getting the latest version of the utility and see if a newer version has been released with compatibility for your printer.

Answer 2: The developers of WICReset are constantly adding new printers to the tools compatibility list. Unfortunately with so many printer models available it’s a case of waiting.

Question: The WICReset says my printer is reset but I still can’t print

Answer 1: Make sure you have turned the printer off and then back on again after resetting.

Answer 2: Restart the printer than try reading the waste ink counters to see if the values have been reset.

Answer 2: Your printer may have a different problem that was masked by the service error message. (See next question)

Question: The printer now shows a new error (eg: Cartridges not recognised)

Answer 1: CIS Systems: Try resetting the ARC’s (Auto Reset Chips) as per your CISs instructions

Answer 2: Cartridges (inc’ refillables): Use the ink replace function to remove one of your cartridges. Allow the printer to recognise that a cartridge has been removed. Re-use ink-replace function to replace the missing cartridge. Repeat for each cartridge as required

Answer 3: Turn the printer off and remove the power cord for 24 hours. This sometimes clears errors in printer memory.

Question: I reset my waste counter but now the counter has reverted to the same value as before

Answer 1: If you didn’t turn your printer off and then on again (using the printer power button) after resetting, any print job or waste counter query will wipe the reset command. If this applies, you will need to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS that you may have missed before and then purchase a new key.

Answer 2: Some printers cannot be reset successfully in specific scenarios

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If you also have ANY questions about the operation of Wicreset, please see the F.A.Q