Buy iWIC Reset Key

First you have to download iWICReset tool here (Download)

Even if your Mac meets the requirements (Mac OS version 10.6.7 or newer, Intel based chipset – Not iMac compatible) you are strongly recommended to download, install iWIC application and test the tool functionality (see testing checklist below) to ensure your Mac (Mac OS X) is compatible before you purchase a WICReset key.

Testing iWIC Reset Tool and Buy iWIC Reset Key

Compatibility Testing Checklist:

– Does the iWIC installer run and complete successfully?

– Does iWIC run/start successfully

– Is your printer recognised by iWICReset? If your printer is recognised by iWICReset you can see your printer name in the iWIC’s left panel.

– Can iWIC read your waste counter successfully? You can check in Supported Model

If the tool successfully completes all of these tests it should be able to reset your printer. If not, please contact me (Email: with your printer model so I can chase compatibility information and/or troubleshoot.

+ iWIC Printer Compatiblity

The compatibility list for iWIC is constantly updated and available directly via the tool itself (Check supported model tab). As a result we recommend you download, install and read the waste counter on your particular printer before purchasing.

Buy iWIC Reset Key

iWIC Reset Key is One time reset key. It’s mean One printer only reset for one printer one time.

One reset key price $8.99, if you buy >=2 keys, you will get discount 10%

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